Inviting Friends to Play Offers Great Bonuses in Online Bingo

When we find something we really love in life, we have a tendency to share it with the people we care about most.  This is the driving principle behind social media sites.  People want to share information with their friends.  For the most part, sharing a great idea, a new site, or anything else with your friends is likely to garner you a hearty thank you, but rarely does it pay off in a financial way.  If online bingo is what you are sharing, however, you will find that this is certainly not the case.

If you happen to be a player on sites like City Bingo, Costa Bingo, or XBingo, you will find that referring your friends to the site and getting them to start playing with you can actually net you a cash reward.  For every player you recruit, these sites offer cash you can use to play their real money games.  Most sites offer about ten pounds for every single friend that you recruit, which can add up quick if you happen to have friends that share your interests.  Better still, many of these sites also offer additional incentives for players who recruit the most friends in any given month.

Inviting friends to join you in your hobbies is always fun, whether you enjoy crafting, rock climbing, or online games.  With these bingo halls, however, it can also offer you a financial reward.  And unlike traditional bingo halls, where talking during games is highly frowned upon, you will find that inviting your friends to your favourite UK bingo game offers you the chance to play in the same online rooms, where you can freely chat while playing a fun game with the chance to win major cash.  There are few better ways to share something great with your friends and get something nice for yourself in return.

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Understanding Bingo Bonuses

Many bingo sites require you to make a deposit before you can play any of the games. These deposits are usually made in fives, so you can add £5, £10, £15 etc. However, many of the bigger sites like Sun Bingo, ITV Bingo and Caesars Bingo will offer to match, if not exceed your initial deposit! A lot of these sites offer up to a 300% bonus deposit, so if you deposit £10, they’ll give you an extra £30 to play with!

However, these bonuses cannot be withdrawn, and any winnings you make will need to be more than the £30 they’ve given you to play with. So for example, if you use the £30 bonus deposit on a game and win £25, you will not be able to withdraw it because it is not above the £30 they gave you. However, if you won £50, you would be entitled to withdraw £20 of those winnings. The only thing you can do with that bonus deposit is win games and use the winnings to play more bingo until your winnings exceed the amount that they initially gave you.

It can seem quite a confusing system, but it’s easy to understand once you’re playing. The bingo site will explain everything to you in detail so you’re not left confused about what you can win or withdraw, and if needs be, there are live moderators that can help you with questions. You could even ask other players to help you if you’re confused by what your winnings mean and what you can withdraw. People are very friendly on bingo sites such as Paddy Power Bingo and are more than happy to help out a fellow player!

Remember though, it’s not always best to go with the bingo site that offers the biggest deposit bonus. Researching bingo sites is key to finding the best one for you to join, so have a look around the different sites before you jump in for a huge bonus that possibly wont pay off for you!

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Mad Hatter 5 Reel Slots

Mad Hatter video slot machine game is powered by software from Microgaming and is a 5 reel slots which also has thirty pay lines for plenty of ways to win.  This is one of the best  free slot machines in which you don’t have to risk any money.  While it is a free slots, it can also be played for real money and comes with a bet range of $0.01 to $0.25 per line bet.  Players can also wager up to ten coins per pay line with a maximum bet of an impressive 300 coins per spin.

The Mad Hatter is the game’s wild symbol and it can substitute for others in order to create more winning combinations.  The John, James and Jeff Mad Hatter symbols are expanding wilds and can be found in the free spin bonus round which will lead to even more chances to win.  These will expand to cover all of reel three and can also act as substitutes for more chances to win.

The Bunny is the scatter symbol and when three or more appear, the player enters the free spin bonus round.  Players can win up to fifty free spins and all regular wins are doubled while in the bonus.  All bets and pay lines are the same as those that triggered the bonus.

Players can also win up to 11,100 coins in the cuckoo bonus feature.  This is triggered when three, four or five Cuckoo Clock symbols appear on adjacent reels.  Here, players will pick either one, two or three Cuckoo Clocks to reveal the bonus prize won.  If a player has three symbols which activate the feature, then they pick one clock.  For four clocks, players get two picks and if five clocks activate the feature, they get three picks and get to keep all the prizes.

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